Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

“Your leaving again Daddy? ”

We’re all at our wits end and have had enough of hubby and Daddy being away all the time! Okay, lets fix it! This is what went through our minds as our family of five was confronted with the prospect of the patriarch and love of our lives spending yet another week away from us. Things were going to have to change. It was eating away at us all that so much time was being taken from our family unit and given to the big corporation. Now, it must be noted that “Big Corporation” puts food on the table and pays the mortgage so its not the evil villain here. We just had to make some choices. Let’s see how far it would be if all five of us, (which includes a 2,4 and 6 year old) holed up in our 2006 Honda Odyssey and drove the 1,760 miles to Kalispell,MT.

….Ok, panic attack ensues!

We’re sitting on the couch with a glass of wine that night and the crazy idea of looking into renting an RV pops in one of our heads. Research, research, research. Whoa!! I’ll bet we could almost buy one for that, is our conclusion! Aha! The two day search on Craigslist commences and so does the drastic change in our lives.

Long story short, we came up with the idea on a tipsy Thursday evening and had bought an RV by Saturday. Our 2006 Four Winds Class C “AKA Wlibur” was the newest member of our family and was going to make it all better. He rolled up into our driveway on Tuesday April 29th at 2pm. We left for our adventure later that evening never having driven him and not really knowing much at all about him. Yes we were batshit crazy! But sometimes the batshit crazy things we all do turn into the best things we could have ever done in our lives.

Fast forward 20 months later and we have crossed the united states 10 times, been in 29 states, visited countless national and state parks and have had the time of our lives. It is a life of extremes. Very high, highs and yes, even some low, lows. But we wouldn’t change anything and we can’t wait to see whats around the next corner, mountain or national forest.




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