Winter’s Identity Crisis

Sand:Snow sledding

It’s day four of our sixth cross country trip across America. To recap Alabama was Alabama,  Mississippi and Louisianna were rainy and HOT! It was 82 degrees F on Monday!  Then we woke up to sub freezing temps on Tuesday! Geesh, we hear you loud and clear El Nino. Texas is still a mess with the devastation that you caused. You spawned more than ten tornados in North Texas as you simultaneously caused blizzard conditions just miles west of there. Mr. El Nino, you are definitely one sick cookie!!



Today we traveled to Monahan Sandhills State Park in West Texas where we were met with the scraps of the eleven inches of snow that fell two days ago. It NEVER even snows here. But we didn’t complain because we got to pick whether we wanted a sand ride or a snow ride and we didn’t even have to wear our jackets. But this little sandhill is just a tiny preview of what we will see tomorrow. I’ve been wanting to visit this National Monument for quite some time now and I am ecstatic that I now have a decent camera to capture the beauty of White Sands, New Mexico.

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