No Fireworks, No Parties, Just Sand



We almost didn’t go. All of the cards were against us and we rolled into town later than expected on the last day of the year. Because of the holiday the monument was closing early so that meant we would only have about an hour to enjoy it. Well we came this far, we were going to go to the White Sands National Monument!

We arrived fifteen minutes before sunset and were astounded at how large the dunes were. We drove for ten minutes and still had not reached the middle of the dunes.

Gypsum.You know the stuff that is in drywall. That is what these fantastically magical hills are made of. The largest field of the stuff on the planet. Fine and white only because of the reflection of light. In the absense of light the grains would be clear. Even their make up is mystic. Like microscopic crystals from another planet reflecting on the sky and illuminating it with their powers.



Yes, we got just a taste. But we definitely are hungry for more. More of the way the clouds wash all the way from above your head and beyond the setting sun behind the San Andreas Mountains. More sledding down the hills at lightning speed just to get up and try to climb over the near ninety degree angle to the top with one step forward two steps back. More exploration deep within the park to see just how different the next hill or valley is from the one you’re standing on.

We are all definitely intrigued and can’t wait to come back for more.

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