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If you have five days to kill in one of the largest cities in the world, what do you do with your three kids? Watch whales, take pictures, drive in traffic, curse, walk, walk, ¬†and walk some more, take pictures, eat, take pictures of your food. You get it. I did A LOT of photographing the city that has it all, both good and bad. Vividly colorful ¬†visually and in character, there is so much here that can’t be merely described with words. So, I decided to just post mostly photographs with a blurb or two for reference. Sit back and enjoy the show that is San Francisco.

San Francisco Rv Resort

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We stayed at the closest park to the city. We were hoping for a front and center site, but they were, um unavailable. You see about a year ago these 30 sites literally fell into the ocean. This is the parking lot you see here. Gone! Yes, it is true when they say that California is going to be swallowed by the Pacific one day!

Golden Gate Park

A glorious 1,017 acre park in the middle of one of the most populated cities on Earth. Here are some of the highlights of the park we visited. But you need a week to see everything.

Japanese Tea Garden-Lush gardens that feature bonsai trees, water features, jungle walk, bridges, a Buddha dating to 1790, gifts from Japan signifying peace after WWII and a tea house.


Strawberry Fields is the highest point in the park and is marked by waterfalls, trails and a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge at the top. And yes, there are flowers, butterflies and STRAWBERRIES!

Stroll by Stow Lake. The Bridge is original from the late 1800’s construction.

Koret Children’s Playground and the carousel were a hit of course! The cement slides were unique in that you needed cardboard in order to slide. The 1914 carousel is a work of art and it’s horses even don real horse hair tails.


The Dutch Windmill that kept the entire park watered along with its counterpart Murphy Mill until electric means were installed in 1913. Too bad a ten minute peak at this marvel cost us a car window thanks to a very needy, greedy park”patron”!

The Golden Gate Bridge

I’ve seen it about five times and it’s always like the first time. You wouldn’t think that a bridge would evoke such feeling and power but it just does. Every.Time.


You can also walk across the bridge. Across and back is around 3 miles. We made it to the half way point and turned around. It was exhilarating! The wind, the speeding traffic just feet from you and the thought that it would take 4 seconds to hit the water if you fell. It was a little too much for my 4 year old!

Fort Point

DSC03824 (1).jpg

Did you know there was a civil war fort under the Golden Gate Bridge? Mind-blowing isn’t it? Really a sight to see and it’s FREE!!!

Five hundred men were crammed into this fort living and working and readying for a battle that would never come. Bridge planners and engineers had the wherewithal to leave it alone and build over it. Such an unexpected treat and I could write a whole post on this place alone.



From what I have read, San Fran’s Chinatown comes eerily close to certain streets of Beijing. It was fun to leave the country for a few hours…

..And then come right back without the jet lag.

We ate at a Cantonese restaurant that had fried pigeon on the menu. No we did not try it. My palette is not THAT adventurous! We also visited a fortune cookie factory and sampled the rejects. I asked if I could snap a picture and was prepared to pay my required $.50 for the privilege. No one took my money.


We never tired of the view from our campground. At any given moment you could see the sea spray from the blow wholes of the gray whales on their way up to Alaska for the summer. But, of course I didn’t get a photo! There’s always next time?

One thought on “Stories in Pictures-City By the Bay

  1. Wow, what great pictures that speak volumes about the places you’ve seen in the city by the sea. So glad,you are doing this blog so that in years to come, the children, especially Lady Dee and Lady Bee, can read about and see the roads they have traveled. Such lucky kids, my grandchildren.


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