California’s Highway 395 *Part Two* The Adventurer’s Highway

Mammoth Lakes, June Lake, Convict Lake, Silver Lake and Gull Lake. Do you want gorgeous alpine mountain scenery and some of the best hiking in the world? You got it! Pristine and clean, each one has something different to offer and will have you pinching yourself as to if what is before you is real. The best part is, they are all off of Highway 395!

Mammoth Lakes

As you travel from Bishop to Mammoth Lakes there is one protruding fact, ELEVATION GAIN! An additional 5000 foot incline is what you’ll climb and chances are that whenever the time of year, you will see some snowcapped mountains inviting you. We stopped over on one such trip to taste the snow.



Then we continued to the ski mountain to the stars, Mammoth Lakes. Here you can explore the city, Mammoth Mountain and the various lakes she showcases. In the winter time, you’ll find world class skiing and in summer the mountain transforms into a mountain bikers paradise. We haven’t experienced either yet here but it is on our list.

But if scenery is what you’re after you are in for a treat. If you travel up Lake Mary Road you’ll dead end into five lakes with spectacular views.

Twin Lakes


Lake Mamie

IMG_7396Horseshoe Lake

Okay this is not a picture of a lake but at this time the area was in a drought. The interesting thing about this photo is that the trees are not dead because of the drought but because of carbon dioxide seepage from the Earth. After the 1989 San Francisco earthquake, a carbon dioxide cavity was opened from deep inside the earth, allowing for leakage above ground. The end result was that everything around this area died. There are signs everywhere warning that if you stay in the area too long you may get headaches and nausea. We just stayed long enough for a pic although my oldest started complaining of a headache.


Another incredible natural phenomena is Devil’s Postpile. Take an afternoon and check out this wonder of the world. After volcanic activity time and science combined to form this amazing geologic formation.


You can then hike the two miles to Rainbow Falls to cap your day off. We didn’t make it that day due to a cranky toddler but I’ve heard its gorgeous. Heres a pic I snagged but give all the credit to SkiAnything .com.


There are also a plethora of hot springs in the area. Some you can soak in and some that are just for gazing. Out of the many natural soaking tubs in the area, this one is the first on my list. Although it’s not so much a secret anymore, it is one of the most scenic in the area. I mean, come on! Does it get much better?!

Travertine Hot Springs


Whether you are there as a stop off in one of the many camping spots in Mammoth or there for a ski vacation, you will never run short of things to do. And this is just one ski area in the vicinity. Next stop on our tour down Highway 395 is my all time favorite. Come see June Lake on my next installment. You really won’t want to miss out!

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